Sunny South

Sunny South

Sunny South is a quartet of veteran bluegrass musicians. they bring a fun family show of vocal quartets, trio, and duo's along with some of the finest instrumentalists around.

Rock Ridge Band

Rock Ridge

Rock Ridge specializes in deep groove bluesy driving rhythm, stellar vocals, and stunning
instrumentals. Their repertoire includes traditional and contemporary bluegrass, originals,
old-time country, and gospel. Reviewers say: “This is good, straight-ahead bluegrass!”.

The Lois and Clark Expedition

The Lois & Clark Expedition

Back in 2018, banjo music innovator Tom Nechville joined forces with his musical soulmate, Linda Leavitt and their mutual musical journey began.

Linda’s experience as a lead singer in several Portland-area bluegrass bands, including Mountain Honey, and her southern gospel bluegrass roots and soulful voice meet Tom’s heartfelt baritone and his inventive multi-genre Scruggs/Melodic style banjo playing. Their mix draws from Bluegrass, Classic Country, originals and 70’s one hit wonders. Join The Lois & Clark Expedition on their road of discovery.

Dogwood String Band

Skillful picking and expert three and four-part harmonies are just part of what you can expect from the Dogwood String Band, who have been plying their brand of high-energy acoustic music across the Pacific Northwest. Contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana.

The Miller Twins

The Miller Twins

Ben and Nat bring guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, and blood harmony to the stage.

Never Come Down Band

Never Come Down

Earnest songwriting, dedication to craft, and genuine care for the music is at the forefront of what they do. “We
never tell each other what to play. You can feel when the music is right”. Winners of 2019 RockGrass band competition!

Hot Copper Kettle

Hot Copper Kettle explores sweet harmonies in a mix of old and modern bluegrass, folk, Americana, and originals from the southern Oregon mountains

Clayton Knight

Wry, inspiring, original songs, rooted in tradition.


Doublewide is a fun and folksy Americana duo based in Sisters, Oregon. Lots of trad and soulful harmonies. Sue plays guitar, bass, and fiddle. Rick plays mandolin, guitar, and mandola.

Misty Mamas

Misty Mamas

Home-Style bluegrass filled with powerful harmonies, traditional and original songs as well as tasty instrumentals combining the American genres of bluegrass, old time, gospel, folk and country music.

Syco Billy’s String Band

Honey dripping harmonies combined with a completely in sync toe tapping string band and you have Western Oregon's Syco Billy's. A huge crowd draw for your venue, party or festival. Book today! 

Free Range

Free Range is a musical duo that's out to make sure its audiences enjoy every song.

Fire & Stone

Fire & Stone

We are a five-piece nontraditional bluegrass band from Portland, Oregon that plays a
diverse blend of traditional and contemporary folk, blues, pop, and bluegrass.


MegaNeil is a folk country duo based in the Columbia River Gorge. Neil Mangrum and Megan Alder play dueling acoustic guitars with swing and bluegrass influences

Ash Creek

We like to say we explore the frontiers between bluegrass, folk, and traditional country music.

Julie and The WayVes

Julie and The Wayves is a 5-piece, progressive bluegrass band, based out of Portland, Oregon. 

Rogue Moon

Rogue Moon

Rogue Moon, Acoustic Trio, Playing the Tunes of Merle Haggard, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Peter Rowan, The Grateful Dead, you know, the classics.

Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard

Steve Blanchard is well known as an acoustic flatpicker guitarist, singer and songwriter with a career spanning over four decades.

Rose City Bluegrass Band

A long time ago in Vancouver, Washington, there was a place called The Steeple Center, an old church where bluegrass classes were held. It is where we met and "steeped" ourselves in the music.

The Rosa Lees

The Rosa Lees hail from the hills of sunny Southern Oregon and trace a distinct line between their music and the vision of female bluegrass pioneers such as Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard, Rose Maddox, and beyond. At the forefront of their music lies an emphasis on closely blended harmonies, hard-charging rhythms, and lyrically potent songs.

Filthy Skillets

Portland based bluegrass band is deeply rooted in traditional Bluegrass

Tried and Blue

Tried and Blue is a three-piece Northwest Bluegrass string-band performing traditional bluegrass and new-grass favorites to a few "bluegrassified" versions of folk, country and rock classics. With plenty of of 2 and 3 part harmony and lively guitar and mandolin instrumental breaks, you are surely going to be entertained!

Rowdy Mountain

Rowdy Mountain

A throwback to the heyday of bluegrass music, Rowdy Mountain brings the heat with a raw, down from the mountain sound.

Thunder Ridge

Thunder Ridge

Thunder Ridge features hard driving bluegrass music performed in the traditional manner.


Oregon’s Best Americana Dynamic Duo

Slipshod is Matt Snook (dobro and banjo) and Steve Blanchard (guitar and mandolin). They met a number of years ago as part of the Northwest Bluegrass community and became fast friends and picking partners.

The Hardly Heard

The Hardly Heard perform music inspired by Second Generation Bluegrass.

The Jamblers

The Jamblers play a blend of bluegrass, folk, classic rock, country, alt-indie, jazz, old standards & more.

Whistlin’ Rufus

Whistlin' Rufus has delighted family audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest for several years. Three and four part vocal harmonies, exciting instrumentation and contagious fun are part of the Rufusarian bluegrass experience.

Midshelf String Band

Danceable Jam tunes, original acoustic rock, blues and bluegrass standards.

Muddy Souls

5-piece progressive bluegrass band with a uniquely crafted sound. Through intricately woven arrangements, meaningful lyrics, tight vocal harmonies, and improvisational jams, this band is sure to get you grooving on the dance floor.

Sunfish Duo

Sunfish Duo

Sunfish Duo will take you back in time with traditional harmonies and simple melodies from the roots of Bluegrass, Country, and Old-time music.

Setting roots in the high and dry Central Oregon desert, Skillethead calls forth the best of bluegrass old and new.


Skillethead calls forth the best of bluegrass old and new.

The Rogue Bluegrass Band

An entertaining four piece acoustic group, harmony vocals and foot stomping fiddle tunes.

The County Fools

If you were to bump into a member of the County Fools in the real world - walking the streets of Portland, kicked back on a barstool, or wandering in a hayfield - you might think to yourself "Hey, these are some good timin' guys.

Mountiantop Sound

Blending a mix of Americana, folk, and a hint of grass, Mountaintop Sound comprises an eclectic group of 2 to 5 musicians. They draw influences from Traditional Bluegrass tunes, Contemporary Americana, lyrical emotions often felt from Singer-songwriter favorites, and the relaxed vibe found in Jamgrass.

Fog Holler Band

Fog Holler

Virtuosic instrumentation and keening brother duo harmonies define modern bluegrass band Fog Holler. With inspiration ranging from The Stanley Brothers to Buck Owens to Primus, Fog Holler's original music is truly a new shade of grass.

Corral Creek Bluegrass

Corral Creek has shown its commitment to showing our audience a good time through performing music and story telling since 2003

Rich Landar & Juliana Trivers

Rich Landar and Juliana Trivers are a Portland-based Americana duo, playing a mix of Landar’s originals and rootsy sing-along covers

Kathy Boyd and Phoenix Rising

IMEA 2015 Bluegrass Group of the Year Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising is all about the stories and the stories of everyday America are what you get frm these four personable entertainers.

Kristen Grainger and True North

Crowd-pleasers Kristen Grainger & True North have cleaned up on national songwriting awards at Telluride, Wildflower, and MerleFest with their gorgeous harmonies and great instrumentation.

Youngberg Hill

Youngberg Hill, Bluegrass Music

Tuesday String Band

Tuesday String Band is a bluegrass trio of young music professionals who met through the music program at Western Oregon University and love entertaining crowds with fast pickin’, humor, and variety in their music.

Homemade Jam

Homemade Jam features Bill and Margot O’Sullivan on mandolin and fiddle, and Bob and Michelle Hall on guitar and bass fiddle. All four performers sing and occasionally there is some trading around of instruments. This group plays a wide variety of acoustic music, from blues to bluegrass and Celtic to swing, and musical adventures in between! There is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Lost Creek

Lost Creek Bluegrass Band

A Lost Creek Cocktail is made with two parts Traditional Bluegrass, one part Old-time fiddle tunes, and a splash of Honkytonk - served up with a stout on the side. It's delightful. Come and enjoy.


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