Homemade Jam is a group of uniquely talented musicians and singers, playing an eclectic variety of traditional and contemporary folk, bluegrass, swing, jazz, and Irish songs, as well as an occasional original, novelty, gospel or kid’s tune. The band’s diverse acoustic repertoire includes both delicate and driving instrumental and vocal selections, from romantic ballads to foot-stomping bluegrass.

The Homemade Jam band is noted for its diversity of music styles and instrumentation, and its smooth harmonies. In 2004, the band was reunited in western Oregon, after originating in northwestern Arizona in the 1990s. Initially, the band performed without a formal name. In time, noting its homestyle music and themes, and their affinity for open jam sessions with anybody and everybody, the “Homemade Jam” band was officially born.

Homemade Jam features Bill and Margot O’Sullivan on mandolin and fiddle, and Bob and Michelle Hall on guitar and bass fiddle. All four performers sing and occasionally there is some trading around of instruments. This group plays a wide variety of acoustic music, from blues to bluegrass and Celtic to swing, and musical adventures in between! There is always something for everyone to enjoy.

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