Oregon Bluegrass Association

Our purpose is to promote, encourage, foster and cultivate the preservation, appreciation, understanding, enjoyment, support and performance of bluegrass and other closely related music.

We're happy to say our migration to a new host is complete. Our e-mail system, however, still needs some work. If you need to get in touch with us, use oregon.bluegrass@gmail.com. Please note that we will not be hosting the OBA Pickers' Retreat, which usually happens in August, will not happen in 2021. We are working on how to present it safely in 2022. See you then!

All things considered, having a great time picking together, is just probably hopefully acceptable! The OBA supports four jams, including month to month Portland, Salem and Roseburg region jams, and a week by week "Off-Key, Easy Jam" in Portland. Newbies are consistently welcome!


Winter Music Festival Florence, OR