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Steve Waller

In honor of his significant contributions to music and the Oregon Bluegrass Association (OBA), the Steve Waller Memorial Fund (the Fund) was established after Steve’s passing in June 2015. The purpose of the Fund is to honor Steve through awarding financial grants to deserving individuals, to further their education, professional growth, a project, or the advancement, preservation or support of bluegrass music.

Steve Waller Memorial Fund grants will be awarded annually to individuals or groups with involvement in the Oregon Bluegrass community. The OBA Waller Fund Committee will consider all requests received through completion of the Waller Grant Application Form by the due date.

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Funding & Donations

If you would like to donate to one of the grants, you can do so through a secure Paypal link here. Select the Grant you wish to support from the drop-down menu. Or, if you prefer, you can mail a check or money order to

Oregon Bluegrass Association, c/o (Grant preference), P.O. Box 1115, Portland, Oregon, 97207

Past Recipients List

2024 - Lillian Sawyer, Recording Costs & Henry Strid, Lessons
2023 - Kian Dye
2022 - Never Come Down Band
2022 - Crystal Lariza
2021 - No Award Presented
2020 - No Award Presented
2019 - Ellie Hakanson, Professional Development & Reed Stutz, Professional Development
2018 - Jen Dynes, Lessons & Jane Rombauts, Lessons