If you were to bump into a member of the County Fools in the real world – walking the streets of Portland, kicked back on a barstool, or wandering in a hayfield – you might think to yourself “Hey, these are some good timin’ guys. There’s not a serious thing about these fellas. They’re just foolin’ around!” But friend, you’d soon come to realize that there is one thing that The Fools take very seriously: the great tradition of Bluegrass music.

The County Fools’ sound and sensibility is deeply rooted in that rich American dirt first tilled by the founders – folks like the Stanley Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs, and Bill Monroe – and further shaped by the great second generation of bluegrass musicians. Continuing this tradition with reverence and creativity, and playing this music as it’s meant to be played, is the spirit that guides the County Fools each time they step up to the mic.

Mark Klassen – Guitar
Darian Santner – Mandolin
Gerrit Vyn – Banjo
John Wyatt – Bass





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