A long time ago in Vancouver, Washington, there was a place called The Steeple Center, an old church where bluegrass classes were held. It is where we met and “steeped” ourselves in the music. Strangers became friends and when The Steeple Center was eventually sold and classes ended, we decided to continue to meet and jam, first at one house and then another. One day, Charlie was asked to perform bluegrass at a gig. He called his friends, Gretchen, Gene, and Garrett and we put together a set of our favorites from the weekly jam. We collected more gigs (and more sets), chose the name Rose City Bluegrass, cut a demo CD, and a developed a website. We’ve now played for non-profits, political rallies, weddings, backyard barbeques, and farmers markets. Where will the bluegrass journey take us next? Watch the calendar and stay tuned. The rest will be history.

Gene Alger, Gretchen Amann, Garrett Maass, Charlie Williamson

For Information:

Charlie Williamson
503 248 1854