Steve Blanchard is well known as an acoustic flatpicker guitarist, singer and songwriter with a career spanning over four decades. His musical style includes bluegrass, cowboy/western, folk, and Americana. His influences range far and wide, with particular attention to the flatpicking style of Norman Blake, Tony Rice and Clarence White. He has also been influenced by bands such as The Byrds, Poco, America, Jethro Tull, Renaissance, and artists like Gordon Lightfoot and Simon and Garfunkel. Whether performing with his driving rhythm in the Northwest favorite “Prairie Flyer” or as a reflective solo artist, Steve takes his audience on a musical adventure, experiencing a wide range of emotions from quiet introspection to just plain good old hand-clapping, foot-stomping fun!

No matter what the style or venue, you’re sure to feel Steve’s love and passion for his music.

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