WG2016As someone who attended the first 10 Wintergrass festivals, I am always reluctant to miss one of these amazing events.

Just in case there’s any sentient bluegrasser in the Northwest who doesn’t know about Wintergrass: it’s a massive indoor festival in Bellevue, WA known for its great variety of music, multiple venues and jamming in every conceivable nook and cranny.

Anyway, I’m skipping it this year just because it’s a little overwhelming for me sometimes — and honestly, I drive myself crazy trying to hit every show; find a jam that doesn’t already have a gazillion people; keep up with everything that’s going on; visit all the people I only see once a year, etc.

So I’ve opted for a quiet weekend at home and some small jams with my friends who also chose to opt out.

So. . .I’m curious now. Who went to Wintergrass: Why or why not? Compare and contrast, etc.