It’s been more than 30 years since a group of musicians started the Oregon Bluegrass Association.

In that time, a lot has changed — everything from the definition of bluegrass to the membership and leadership of the organization.

I have been involved since the mid-1990s, and I’ve watched the organization change based on membership feedback and the goals and skills of those brave souls who choose to step up into leadership roles.

Sometimes the emphasis is on creating jam opportunities. Sometimes it’s expanding OBA activities outside of the Portland area.  Some members are interested in bringing bluegrass to schools; others like the idea of putting on shows and festivals — something that the current board is doing very successfully.

Bluegrass associations vary from state to state in as many ways as mandolin styles.

Like my dream jam (see last blog entry!) I also have ideas about what I’d like to see the OBA do — and I’m guessing every members does, as well.

Anybody care to enter some ideas about the role of a bluegrass association; what they like about the current organization; and anything different they’d like to see happen?

And while we’re at it. . . anybody want to volunteer to write for the Express or help out at festivals this summer?