Christine Weinmeister and John Prunty are miracle workers.

They herd a bunch of cats (some cranky, some just slow-moving) to provide copy, photographs, advertising and more so they can assemble the Bluegrass Express on a regular schedule.  Then they turn a jumble of words and graphics into a well-designed, easy to read publication.

In the most recent Express, Christine asked for something in return:  your input. She wrote, “…I would like to invite any and all of you to write for or to the Express. If you have heard a new band you think should be profiled or are listening to a great album that warrants a review, why not try your hand at writing it?… If you find yourself thinking “the OBA really needs to…”then write a Letter to the Editor and share your ideas.

A good organization lives on two-way communications. That’s one of the reasons the annual meeting is so important (by the way, this year’s will be on April 4. C’mon down!)  The board gets to hear what the members are thinking, and some members become inspired to join the board.

Facebook and the Northwest Bluegrass list on Yahoo offer opportunities for discussion, too.

But it’s hard to beat a Letter to the Editor for getting your point across — and getting other people to think.

Whether you want to contribute a story, a review, a question or a suggestion, the Express welcomes your submissions. Write to Christine at and let her (and the rest of the OBA) know what’s on your mind.